• “a standout figure in the world of interfaith organizing and activism”
  • a regular contributor to MSNBC
  • an award-winning filmmaker
  • “one of the most exceptional speakers and thinkers”
  • founder of groundswell, a multifaith movement for justice
  • valarie kaur: storytelling for social change

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About Valarie

Valarie KaurValarie Kaur is an award-winning filmmaker, civil rights lawyer, media commentator, Sikh activist and interfaith leader who centers her work on storytelling for social change. She is the founder of Groundswell Movement, the nation’s largest multifaith online organizing community of 200,000+. She currently serves as a Media and Justice Fellow at Stanford Law School. She believes “the way we make change is just as important as the change we make.”

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Upcoming Appearances

  • Tue

    Sikh Women Leaders Retreat

    Spring 2016TBA
  • Tue

    Lecture: Religion, Violence, and Revolutionary Love

    4:20 pm260-113, Pigott Hall, Stanford University

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